The Royalties: A Cooperative of Women Writers

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The first e-publication of The Royalties, a collective of Australian writers who have come together to create new models of publishing for writers worldwide.

The Royalties is a writers’ collective founded by Sue Woolfe, Bem Le Hunte, Libby Hathorn and Louise Katz, a group of much-published Australian women novelists who decided to come together to create precedent for innovative new publishing models that will benefit all Australian writers in an international marketplace.
We are not particularly tech-savvy, but we all feel the urgency to participate in rapidly changing publishing structures. With current technology there is a real opportunity for writer-centric models to replace traditional legacy publishing models and promote a true renaissance in literature.
With publishers nervous and bookstores closing, it’s become clear to all of us that this is the time for writers to ride the times, take the risk and claim greater rights to their words. And who, we ask, would take control in these formative moments of opportunity, if not the writers themselves?
We are all actively involved in experimenting with our literary work and the way that it is produced, distributed and marketed, and we’d like to share this experiment with other writers. If you’re a writer you can join us in this experiment, share in our experience and reach out to a wider community of national and international readers.

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